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The Tunnel


The Tall Man

Mama Africa





Brownian Movement

Last Ride

[Rec]: Genesis

Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai

Indie Game: The Movie

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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Touki Bouki: The Journey of the Hyena

Drums Along the Mohawk

The Chase

The Heiress

Show People

The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry



Miracle Mile

The Great Flamarion

Dark Habits

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Psychic Festival Preview - Just riding the buzz here, really and prognosticating wildly, for better or worse, in an attempt to shirk the annoying preview prose that kept creeping up when I tried to write about this stuff normally. Please don't take this seriously. If I really thought Japon was going to be awful, I wouldn't plan on going to see it.  


Festival Diary (the real meat & potatoes) - hopefully I'll link to my daily updates from here once the festival actually begins. If not, please pretend the capsules from my preview are my actual opinions until I get back.  


Festival Favorites


Movies playing at TIFF that I've already reviewed



  City of God         The Eye





Real Women Have Curves         Spirited Away




Movies I won't be seeing, since I'll be seeing them at the NY Film Fest later this month:



 10         Auto Focus





Chihwaseon         Divine Intervention





The Magdalene Sisters         The Man Without a Past





The Son         Springtime in a Small Town





Turning Gate         Unknown Pleasures





    Waiting for Happiness