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My Toronto Festival Itinerary

After scrambling to pick the films that I wanted for about twelve hours and frantically faxing my order while contending with a flood at work, I got 46 of my 50 first choices... The four that I didn't get were Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation (no biggie, really), Sokoruv's Russian Ark (Oct. Release in NYC), Brian De Palma's Femme Fatale (an early November release), and Neil Jordan's The Good Thief (which is a bit of a bummer, since I don't know when it's coming out).

Here's my tentative schedule. Hopefully, I'll be able to squeeze in one or two more films:

Morvern Callar 09/06/2002 06:00pm
Personal Velocity 09/06/2002 09:45pm
Spun 09/06/2002 11:59pm

White Oleander 09/07/2002 09:30am
Dolls 09/07/2002 03:30pm
Intacto 09/07/2002 06:00pm
Raising Victor Vargas 09/07/2002 09:00pm
Bubba Ho-tep 09/07/2002 11:59pm

Frida 09/08/2002 09:30am
Gerry 09/08/2002 12:00pm
Japon 09/08/2002 03:00pm
Rabbit-Proof Fence 09/08/2002 06:30pm
La Vie nouvelle 09/08/2002 09:30pm

L'Idole 09/09/2002 09:00am
Far From Heaven 09/09/2002 12:00pm
Love Liza 09/09/2002 03:00pm
Lilya 4-ever 09/09/2002 06:30pm
All or Nothing 09/09/2002 09:00pm

Lost in La Mancha 09/10/2002 09:00am
Spider 09/10/2002 12:00pm
Sweet Sixteen 09/10/2002 03:30pm
Blissfully Yours 09/10/2002 06:30pm
Aiki 09/10/2002 09:00pm
My Little Eye 09/10/2002 11:59pm

Phone Booth 09/11/2002 11:30am
Evelyn 09/11/2002 02:30pm
Kedma 09/11/2002 06:00pm
Happy Here and Now 09/11/2002 09:00pm

Dirty Deeds 09/12/2002 09:00am
Max 09/12/2002 12:30pm
The Crime of Father Amaro 09/12/2002 03:30pm
Julie Walking Home 09/12/2002 06:30pm
Irreversible 09/12/2002 09:30pm
Alive 09/12/2002 11:59pm

Sex Is Comedy 09/13/2002 09:00am
Assassination Tango 09/13/2002 12:30pm
Dirty Pretty Things 09/13/2002 03:30pm
Bear's Kiss 09/13/2002 06:15pm
Vendredi soir 09/13/2002 08:30pm
Punch-Drunk Love 09/13/2002 11:00pm

In America (Working Title) 09/14/2002 09:30am
The Other Side of the Bed 09/14/2002 12:00pm
Ken Park 09/14/2002 03:30pm
Ten Minutes Older: The Cello 09/14/2002 07:00pm
Cabin Fever 09/14/2002 11:59pm

If anyone's going to any of these, look for me in line or something and say, "Hi!" (Reference pictures)